Rummele's Couples

Emily and Chad – Brunch Proposal!

Proposal Date:

September 9th 2018

Where he proposed:

The proposal happened at my parents (Emily) house in De Pere, WI

How they met:

We met at a bar. I was there after a bridal shower with some friends. I saw Chad talking to a mutual friend who I later had introduce us. We ended up playing bar dice and talking all night. We went on a date a few days later and our first kiss in the rain.

How he asked:

Chad planned a football pregame brunch at my parents house with his family. We went outside to take pictures and he asked to take one together. He ended up proposing…in a bears jersey (yuck!) but the beautiful ring and the unforgettable words made up for it! It was such a beautiful, raw moment to share with our family. I will never forget – one of the happiest moments of our lives.


My ring is beautiful. Gold band with a sparkly diamond surrounded by a halo. It is perfect. I get so many compliments because it is so unique yet timeless.

Congratulations Emily and Chad!

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